Monday, April 27, 2009

The Alarming Swine Flu Virus

The Alarming swine flu virus scattered in Mexico which killed 103 people from the latter. The origin of its virus came from pigs who transmitted to humans. People coming in and out from the affected area has been moved for quarantine for the proper check up to avoid its harmful virus that will lead you to death.
Currently there is no exact vaccine for swine flu. But you can always prevent from spreading it. You can wear a face masks where the affected areas located and Yes, it is still safe to eat meats from pigs. Virus killed over 78 degrees of boiling point. It does not harm into our body.
This virus has threaten different countries and its too dangerous that lead many people to death. It can be transmitted through air, so careful to talk to strangers especially an alien who came specifically from Mexico.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Health Benefits of Crying

We do not know that crying have health benefits. We cry when we get hurt. Sometimes we cry to no good reasons. But as far as I know, crying is not bad. Psychological counselor Li Jin from the Yang Guang Hua Ren Psychological Service says the answer is "Yes".
"Weeping is one of the mechanisms that humans use to get rid of some toxins. Tears may be involved in removing waste products or toxic substances from the body. Perhaps that is why so many people say they feel better after crying."When we cry some toxins flashes away and flows with the tears. Also, crying helps relieves stress from emotional feelings. When you cry, you are healing your heart. You are opening a channel that will allow yourself to feel. When you know then you can heal, you can mend a broken hear more quicker, more easier.
Humans are the only animals who shed tears of emotion. We have different reasons why people cry. Many people expressed their loneliness and their heartaches through crying due to dissatisfaction in love relationships and misunderstood from other people.

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