Friday, August 7, 2009

Reducing your stress

Stress is a sign of overfatique and can be developed through work and don't have enough sleep. May factors will affect if this unmanaged. If this unprevented, complications will occur.

Ways to balance stress:

There are ways to balance stress that will help you in control. When you become overstressed, you tax your immune system and you can't get sick. Try these tips to keep your stress level in balance:

1. Exercise regularly so you can better manage everyday physical or emotional stress, but not in the hour before bedtime.
2. Get a goodnight sleep, aiming for at least six to eight hours each night.
3. Plan your day and week so you can control your schedule.
4. Think positively to prevent the body's hormonal response to stress.
5. Talk things out with someone when you need extra support.
6. Try yoga, the practice of balancing mind, body and spirit by breathing, stretching, straightening and meditating.
7. Enjoy a quiet moment of contemplation, mindfulness or meditation by closing your eyes, focusing in one thought, word, image, or sound allowing other thoughts to float away.
8. Laugh out loud (at yourself, if necessary) to keep your spirits up.
9. Try aromatherapy.
10. Listen to your favorite music.

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Neck Exercises said...

I would recommend to do stretches along with exercises. Another way to reduce stress is to do neck exercises that will help with breathing.

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