Thursday, July 23, 2009

Basic Tips of a Healthy Hair

Hair is our ultimate asset. Our own personalities reflects on how carries our hair. However, I will give some basic tips on how you hair shine smoothly in the crowd. I'm sure all the people would turn and cannot resist to stare at your hair.
1. Wash your hair everyday with your usual shampoos and conditioner.

2. Brush your hair before shampooing.
3. Trim the split ends or cut your hair with your desired length. Because hair grows inch by inch every month.
4. Apply olive oil to your hair or Hot oil treatment, then slowly massage your hair.
5. Eat variety of fruits and vegetables to give nutrients to your hair so that it grows beautifully straight, shiny and healthy hair.

Well, that's all I can give. This tips is just based on my experience. I did this for a week now. Try it.

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