Thursday, January 19, 2012

3 Best Workout Routines for Women

Many women want to pursue an exercise program to lose those extra poundage and keep a toned, healthy body. Unlike the strenous exercise for men, there are certain workout routines for women that work best to burn a lot of calories and trim the body.

Here are three of the best workout routine tips that are effective to guarantee results for women:

Tone up on the treadmill
You can do this 10 minutes per session and save plenty of time at the gym. Hop on a treadmill with a 3-pound dumbell in each hand and set the treadmill to a brisk walk. For starter, do a 1-minute set for shoulder presses as you walk, then a biceps curls for another minute, triceps extensions for the next minute, side laterals, followed by front laterals, then standing triceps kickbacks as you continue brisk walking. You can follow this 2-3 times per week and see faster results.

 Jump-rope double-turn maneuver
This is one of the best cardio workout routines for women. It’s intense and this can also be a challenge for many women. But if you do this, you will be able to burn as much as 26 calories per minute. You can start the basic jumping rope for 5 minutes, then jump as high as you can and turn the rope twice under your feet before you land. That’s the double-turn maneuver. You are not expected to get it perfect at first. You need to do it daily and achieve results in due time.

Do high-intensity squats
If you want to super-sculpt your butt, doing high-intensity squats is the way to go. This also works best for womens fitness. One best example of high-intensity squats is the jump squats. Other effective high-intensity squats are stair climbing, bleacher running, and cross-country skiing. These are workout routines for women that will target the muscles and connective tissues in your body.

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