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Leukemia, causes, symptoms, diagnosis

What is Leukemia?
From wikipedia:
"Leukemia (British/Canadian English: leukaemia) (Greek leukos λευκός, "white"; aima αίμα, "blood") is a cancer of the blood or bone marrow and is characterized by an abnormal proliferation (production by multiplication) of blood cells, usually white blood cells (leukocytes)."

Leukemia can be classified as:

Accute Leukemia and Chronic Leukemia.

Accute Leukemia - is the increasing of immature blood cells while the Chronic Leukemia is the numerous build ups of normal white blood cells, but it still abnormal.

There are different causes of Leukemia:
There are different causes of Leukemia, however I cannot explain it well. Please refer to this link

What are the different symptoms of Leukemia?
People who have leukemia may easily have bruises, bleed excessively or develop pinprick bleeds because of the lack of blood platelets.
If a person have leukemia, she/he may have many infections such as diarrhea, tonsils and etc. because of the lack of the white blood cells. In this way, white blood cells are now unable to protect or fight the body's immune system against from infections and diseases.

Leukemia can be treated in different ways. Some would treat through Bone Marrow transplant or Radiation Therapy.

More Leukemia causes, leukemia symptoms, diagnosis leukemia details, please refer to this link.

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