Sunday, February 14, 2010

Second Hand Smoke

A second hand smoke is the inhalation of smoke from the smoke exhaled by the smoker. Avoiding this might be too difficult since the number of smokers in the country exceeded.

What are the effects of a Second hand smoke?

By inhaling of the exhaled smoke from smokers, you will have the possibility of having a:
•    Lung cancer – there are 3000 nonsmokers die every year from lung cancer caused by  ETS – Environmental Tobacco smoke.
•    Nasal Sinus Cavity Center
•    Cervical Cancer
•    Bladder cancer
•    Breast cancer
•    Renal Cell carcinoma
•    Brain tumor
•    Air nose and throat
•    Circulatory system – risk of heart disease
•    Cognitive impairment and dementia
•    Pregnancy
o    Low birth weight
o    Premature birth

•    Risk in children
o    Sudden infant death syndrome
o    Asthma
o    Allergies
o    More information at
How to prevent from a second hand smoke?
This is just only my own way of preventing a second hand smoke
•    Keep away from smokers
•    Don’t expose yourself in the crowded area
•    Don’t get involved with smokers
•    Cover your nose if someone is smoking
•    And etc….


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